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Сиэтл, США 

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Детективное Агенство"Октава", Москва, Россия

Детективное Агенство"Октава"
Директор: Марьянов Сергей Петрович
Москва, Россия

Тел: +1-413 -4870339
Fax: +1-413 -4870339

  Предлагаем комплексные услуги в области безопасности бизнеса, личной безопасности, а так же информационного и юридического обеспечения Вашей деятельности в России, СНГ, странах Восточной Европы.

Detective Agency “Oktava”-company of Investigation & Security was formed in 1995 with some security, Investigation, information companies and independed private investigators from Russia & CIS. Our company consists of different departments including high-class specialists in investigations, security, telecommunications and banking. We have good working contacts and can operate in Russia, CIS and East Europe. Today, we can offer you full Investigation service from telephone number checking to getting business background Information, and more including settlement, consultation, recommendations, collecting and analyzing information. We also, can offer you different types of security: armed guard in uniform, armed guard dressed as civilian (with a concealed weapon), unarmed guard in uniform, personal bodyguard, technical and complex. Our officers include former members of elite groups and professional sportsmen. Do you need private investigations? Security? If you're searching for information, facts, people, or need protection-you do.



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