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Polymer Department, Faculty of Chemistry, Moscow State Univercity.

Polymer Department, Faculty of Chemistry, Moscow State Univercity. Moscow, Russia.
ORGSTEKLO Technological and Scientific Center
Dzerzhinsk, Russia.
Dr M.S. Arzhakov, prof. S.A. Arzhakov,Dr. V.A. Chernavin.
Fax: 7 (095)939-0174
E-mail: crazing@orc.ru

Main advantages of this new technology are the following:

  1. Using chemical initiatian, preparation of PMMA sheets with any desired thickness is allowed;
  2. Rate of bulk polymerization is 2-3 times higher compared with traditional process;
  3. Final PMMA materials are characterized by molecular mass of about 10,000,000, higher optical cleaners, and higher ability for orientationa as compared with the corresponding properties of the final materials prepared via traditional technology.

Expected cost gain of technology and resulting materials is provided by the following reasons:

  1. Preparation of both isotropic and oriented PMMA sheets with a desired thickness is allowed, the stages of gluing of several sheets are excluded;

  2. As molecular mass of resultant PMMA is increased mechanical properties of final material are imroved. As a result, for the same purpose, the materials with lower thickness may be used, and polymer consumrtion decreases;

  3. Higher rate of polymerization allows one to decrease the power consuption of the process. ( Russian Polymer News Vol. 4, No.1,1999 )




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