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Post-Doctoral position.
The Division of Optimization and Systems Theory, Royal Institute of Technology,
Stockholm, Sweden.

The Division of Optimization and Systems Theory, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

The Division of Optimisation and Systems Theory, Royal Institute of Technology has an opening for a Post Doctoral Fellow within the research program "Process modeling, operator training simulation and optimization applied to paper board manufacturing".

The project is a joint project between the Division of Optimization and Systems Theory; the Division of Automatic Control, Royal Institute of Technology, Dynasim Ltd, Lund; and Solvina Ltd, Gothenburg, all in Sweden, and is partially funded by the Swedish National Board for Industrial and Technical Development:

The aim of the proposed research is to integrate existing models of the
paper board manufacturing process at AssiDomE4n Carton Board AB, together with on-line identification routines, into a comprehensive Modelica model, with the purpose of interactive operator simulation and operator assisted optimization of important quality variables.

Dynamic models based on physical and grey-box principles will be developed for those sub-processes for which suitable models do not exist. A library of  reusable model components for process applications will be developed in the new modeling language Modelica. A Modelica tool will be extended with features for operator training simulation.

Such a simulation tool will enable the paper board industry to validate proposed process modifications, test control strategies, train operators, and enhance process understanding resulting in less raw material usage and
decreased environmental impact.

The Post-Doctoral position is open for immediate occupancy, The salary is tax free for non-Swedish nationals. The Post-Doctoral Fellow will be stationed at the Royal Institute of Technology, or Dynasim, or AssiDomE4n Development, depending on his/her research interests, while maintaining intimate contact with the other partners.

A suitable candidate should have a Ph.D.-degree in Automatic Control, or
Process Control or Systems Theory or Optimization, or Mathematical Modelling or Identification or Paper Chemistry or Paper Manufacturing. The research work, leading to publications in internationally renowned journals, may get an applied or theoretical emphasis, according to the interests of the Post Doctoral Fellow. In any case, the research is meant to significantly contribute to the integration of advanced methods in the chosen area with real life carton board manufacturing process control.

Hence the suitable candidade should be fascinated and have a keen interest in this integration.

For more information, please turn to

Professor Per-Olof Gutman,   (peo@math.kth.se), or

Dr. Hilding Elmquist, Dynasim AB (elmqvist@dynasim.se), or

Professor Anders Lindquist, Division of Optimization and Systems Theory, Royal Institute of Technology (alq@math.kth.se).



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