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Требуется квалифицированный биохимик.
Med. Coll. of Penn. / HU School of Medicine
245 N.15th. Street, MS # 111
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1192
Igor Izrailtyan, M.D.
Research Assistant Professor
Cardiothoracic Surgery,
Cardiovascular Biophysics & Computing - Medicine


RESEARCH (Postdoc / Associate) POSITION AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY to study intercellular signaling and adaptation in cardiac tissue cultures. Our team-oriented approach utilizes methods from various disciplines such as molecular biology, bioengineering, bioinformatics, computational and complex systems science. This work is a part of a multi-center research consortium between Med. Coll. Penn Hahnemann / Drexel / Penn / Harvard University. Applicant must have a strong background and experience in cellular biology / biophysics and/or tissue engineering. Incumbent will be involved in development and application of novel live-cell microscopy imaging, designed to study cellular network organization and survival pattern.

If you are interested, please send questions and curriculum vitae.



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