Деловое Сотрудничество
Business Cooperation

Сиэтл, США

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Поставки древесины
Предприятие:  Галлісбуд
Директор: Величко Вадим Витальевич.
Рhone: /0322/ 724791
Fax: /0322/ 970579
Email: dkl@lviv.gu.net.

Приватне Підприємство  “ГАЛЛІСБУД”
Director: Vadim Velichko.
Lviv,Ukrainа. 79004
Phone/fax (380-322) 97-05-79
Phone (380-322) 72-47-91
Firm E-mail: dkl@lviv.gu.net
Our  is looking for partners for exporting into your country oak, beech, cherry, maple, ash and other kinds of timber on DAF terms, or any other convenient for you terms of supply.
In case you might be interested in our proposal, please send your official reply as well as your demands of certification.We would also like to know the delivery conditions for the timber you are interested in. You are welcome to send your proposals in Ukrainian, English, Polish or Russian. You can also use our e-mail adress: dkl@lviv.gu.net

Україна 79004 12,Vynnychenka.Str.
м.Львів,вул.Винниченка,12 Lviv, Ukraine
Р/р 260063001377/980/840 у ЛФ АТ “ВАбанк”, МФО 325763, код ЗКПО 208470



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