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Center Description and Purpose

The Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Resources (RADAR) Center is a leading academic unit in Israel for the research and dissemination of information about the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The RADAR Center is recognized by the US Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration and is part of an international network of organizations disseminating information about drug prevention and treatment.

The RADAR Center has working relationships with the United States National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA); Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA); World Health Organization; US Agency for International Development – Middle East Regional Cooperation Program; Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (ISAP), University of California, Los Angeles; New York University School of Social Work – Post Master's Certificate Program in Clinical Approaches to the Addictions; the National Development Research Institutes; and numerous non-government and government agencies addressing the problem of drug abuse in the region. Also, the Center works with the Israel Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, and Anti-Drug Authority to address drug abuse needs and problems.

Noteworthy research and model initiatives include:

  • Research and development of an early warning system of drug use and problem behavior among high risk youth.

  • Adaptation of a clinical drug use intake instrument (ASI).

  • Workshops and training addressing drug prevention and treatment issues.

  • Research of drug use among immigrants from the Former Soviet Union.

  • Cooperation with the US/Israel Educational Foundation – Fulbright Scholars Program to promote understanding of drug use among women, immigrants, and the prevention of infectious diseases.

  • Development of a drug information and learning center in the region with support from the Center for International Cooperation (MASHAV), Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Preparation of Hebrew manualized treatment protocols for drug treatment.

  • Cooperation with the Israel Ministry of Immigrant Absorption to promote "Project Second Chance" for Former Soviet Union academicians.

  • Development of – Ben Gurion University English-Russian language web site on drug prevention and treatment.