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Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Resources (RADAR) Center
Spitzer Department of Social Work
Ben Gurion University

Immigrants & Drug Use

Approximately 500,000 Russian speaking people have immigrated to the US since 1989. It is estimated that 2,500 are addicted to heroin. Little is known, however, about drug use among this population. Some researchers believe that immigration and the process of acculturation are linked to drug use. Research supported by the US National Institute on Drug Abuse shows that ethnic and cultural factors can have an affect on patterns of drug use.

The Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Resources (RADAR) Center, Ben Gurion University, Israel and have agreed to work together to provide information about drug use among immigrants from the Former Soviet Union. The RADAR Center is a leader in the research of drug use among Russian speaking immigrants. It is hoped that this cooperation will contribute to a better understanding of key issues including the need for improved prevention and treatment services.