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Зрелый, опытный юрист, 27 лет активной юридической практики.
Выпускник Гарвардского университета.
Имеет высший рейтинг «AV» в директории юристов Martindale-Hubbell. 
Представлял и защищал интересы клиентов в судах штатов Вашингтон, 
Нью-Йорк, Орегон, Калифорния, Айдахо, Аляска.

Terry E. Thomson, P.S.                Direct Dial No. (206) 386-5313
  • Если вы НЕ уверены, что контракт, который вы заключаете, отражает ВАШИ интересы и защищает ВАШИ права, звоните, пишите, приходите.
  • Если вы уверены, что контракт, который вы заключаете, НЕ отражает ВАШИ интересы, и НЕ защищает ВАШИ права, звоните, пишите, приходите.
  • Если вы сомневаетесь, что с ВАМИ обращаются как вы того хотите и заслуживаете, и ВАШИ права ограничиваются, звоните, пишите, приходите.
  • Если вы НЕ сомневаетесь, что с ВАМИ обращаются не так, как вы того хотите и заслуживаете, и ВАШИ права ограничиваются, звоните, пишите, приходите.
Русский ассистент-переводчик Ирина Кошманова
Контактный телефон: (206) 623-1330.
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A few helpful tips for you:
In the United States, being smart and clever and aggressive are good qualities - but these alone are not enough to keep your business running smoothly. 

      You must also:

A. Use the legal system as a necessary tool for your business and personal life:
  1. Knowing know when to use it “offensively” to maximize or exploit your business opportunities; and,
  2. Knowing when to cut your losses, and minimize legal fees, expenses and risk. 

B. Take preventative measures to stay out of court, and to improve your chances of success if you end up in court.


Rules you must follow:

  • Retain a lawyer to review, and approve, important agreements. 
    Many agreements are not critical to your success, and for most you can “get by” with a simple form agreement. But, please spend a little more time and effort, and retain a lawyer, to make sure that the agreements essential to your success are complete, definite, and enforceable! Many agreements are unenforceable because they are too vague or indefinite, and are missing essential terms - problems which a lawyer skilled in drafting contracts can help you avoid.
  • Include attorney's fee clauses in all agreements, contracts, invoices, etc. 
    The threat of legal fees to a non-paying customer or supplier is one of the best motivating tools for early, and prompt payment, of accounts.
  • Never (repeat never) sign a release or hold harmless agreement without first consulting a lawyer.
  • Keep complete written records of all important transactions.
  • Never leave unanswered any statements to which you disagree.
    Your silence could be viewed as an admission a statement is accurate, in particular if someone takes action in reliance upon your silence.
  • Maintain ample liability insurance coverage, or use a corporation or limited liability company to minimize your personal liability.
  • Always consult with a tax attorney or an accountant before buying or selling property, to minimize your taxes.
  • Spend the money to hire a competent, experienced lawyer. The additional expense is not significant, and is recouped many times over.
  • Don't be fooled into thinking that a large law firm with many lawyers has all the answers to your problems. The legal services you receive are only as good as the individual lawyer you retain.
  • An experienced trial lawyer will wisely tell you that, because of the many variables you cannot control during the course of a lawsuit, you have no more than a 70% chance of prevailing even with a relatively strong claim. Proceed through trial at your own risk, and don’t be surprised by any result.
  • An experienced trial lawyer will tell you that a bad settlement is always better than a good result after an emotionally draining, lengthy, and costly, trial. 


I can help you in the following practice areas, if and when you need legal advice: 

Business formations
Contract drafting
Business/Commercial Litigation
Employment/Civil Rights Law
Real Estate/Landlord-Tenant/Contract Law
Personal Injury

If you have a problem outside of my practice areas, I will be happy to refer you to a competent lawyer in the area in which you most need help. Such referral assistance can be invaluable, if you do not know which lawyer to select to help you.

My phone: (206)-386-5313
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